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How does boiler cover works?

The boiler is the heart of warming up the house, helping to keep the house warm and water hot. But what do you do if it stop working for you? Are you protected by your home insurance? You might also need to consider the boiler cover if you are an owner.

It is often accepted just like that, but you will see the loss when the boiler stops working and strikes. Be prepared, so unexpected damage to boilers will not make you panic, and you will know the best way to handle it. We see how to deal with boiler damage and whether it is included in your home insurance policy.

How does boiler cover work

Everything you need to know about Boiler Cover

Always check the conditions attached to the boiler or the heating cover that is interested in because this can affect whether you can make a claim. You must know the following things about boiler cover:

Claiming period

Most policies usually don’t let you claim at least 14 days since you started the boiler cover. It prevents you from taking policies after something is wrong with your boiler.


Like many financial products, you must be a homeowner and live in the property you convey. Some policies also determine the type of house that you live in. Or ask that you not let it not be inhabited for a long time – for example, if you spend time staying in the second home.

Your boiler age

Usually more difficult to get a boiler cover for boilers older than ten years. Some providers offer it – but hope to pay more for the policy. High output boilers – often more than 70 kWh – are also more challenging to insure. And you will find fewer providers willing to cover non-standard boilers, such as LPG, biomass, or boilers fired by oil.

Boiler treatment

If your boiler does not have the right part or is not installed correctly, you can also experience problems by claiming damage.

Strengths of policy

Most policies have the advantages that you must pay for incoming calls, regardless of emergencies. Some policies distinguish between types of calls – e.g., ‘Major’ vs. ‘Minor’ emergency – and charge more costs for calls to the last type. So check the small mold.

Number of calls

Some providers offer unlimited calls; Others limit how many are eligible for you. Check a small mold if you are doubtful.

The amount you can claim

Usually, there is also a maximum payment for the work done. For example, you cannot be borne by the total cost of a replacement boiler. But you can receive a new contribution to the new. There may also be a lid on the maximum permitted repair costs.

How does boiler cover work

Your responsibility after the policy begins.

This type of policy protects your home in case of an unexpected mistake. They do not help the general maintenance of your home. So, this is a general requirement that you check your kettle every year to be able to make any claims. And you do routine work in your home – Radiator Ventilation, for example – to keep everything in good working conditions.

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