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Can You Get A Cover Plan For A 15 Years Old Boiler ?

Can You Get A Cover Plan For A 15 Years Old Boiler? Yes, why not? You can insure any boiler on the basis of its quality. It is not a matter of wanting it; more cases need it. More so during the winter months. When the temperature drops, the boiler is overused because of the demand for heat.

Of course, the worst time for anyone’s kettle to pack is during winter. The mind is no heater and hot water at this time, when the weather is freezing, is something most feared by most households. And by remembering that the energy provider wants to sell the central heater and close their kettle to customers. But is that commensurate with the money? The whole knowledge is available on

What is a Boiler Cover Plan?

A boiler cover will usually offer you repair and maintenance services for an annual payment or even monthly. The majority of boiler cover plans will include all costs for every call, labour, and spare parts.

It will also have an annual service. Some companies can only cover one of them. That is why you must always read the small print. Most boiler protection is paid monthly.

Do you need a boiler cover plan?

If you rent the property, then you will not be able to get a cover for a boiler. Your landlord will be the one who can get a boiler cover plan.

Can I get a cover plan for an old boiler?

Most policies exclude boilers, specifically over the age of 15 years. And if it is more than a certain age (often seven years), it might be physically undergone to check the condition.

At the end of the opposite scale, if your boiler is less than 12 months old, it should still have the factory warranty. Creating specific models often comes with guarantees that are extended as well. It can see that your boiler has been closed for more than ten years in some cases. Find out more about your boiler supplier guarantee terms.

So doing your research can save a lot of money in the long run. Considering the boiler’s age, the frequency of error develops, and the inability to get it covered, it might be best to cut costs and install a new boiler.

What you need to pay attention to!

The following are essential points you need to pay attention to.

There is no claim period.

In most cases, the companies will determine the period there is no claim at the beginning of the policy. So until the period of no claim ends, you will not be able to claim if you have problems with your boiler. It can be a few days or a few weeks.

Excessive costs

Some companies do not cover total repair costs. So, you are expected to pay the rest.

New Customer Offers

Beware of offers where closing prices rise after a few months. Comparing companies can help save your money.

Tips for Boiler Cover

  • Shop around to get the best price. And remember, you don’t need to take the cover with your energy supplier.
  • Don’t wait until your boiler breaks in order to take boiler cover
  • Read a small print carefully – whether the policy has a call limit or claim
  • Find a cover that includes annual services and safety inspections
  • Keep your boiler maintained with annual boiler inspections even if you don’t have any problems

The benefits

The most significant benefit of the boiler cover for old boilers is peace of mind. Having a boiler cover can stop your worry that you and your family will face a cold house as winter temperatures enter.

Older boilers are far more vulnerable to problems, and improvements require more time and work. In 2018, the details of the British household feed boiler of more than £ 725 million in repair bills. With a boiler repair cover for old boilers, you will not be charged additional fees if your boiler repair takes more than sixty minutes.

Is there a better alternative?

The prospect of a damaged system is usually enough to frighten people into buying a boiler cover for old boilers.

But purchasing expensive policies is often not commensurate: which consumer group? Found that two-thirds of the policyholder never made a claim.

One option is to ensure your boiler is well guarded by having a professional running annual service. If your boiler is in relatively good condition, it must be able to correct the small mistakes they find. However, the older the boiler, the more you are at risk of experiencing severe problems between inspections and must pay at once for improvement.

Another option is to save on buying a new and more reliable boiler. Modern boilers usually cost around £ 2,500 and provide a central heater and hot water. According to Energy Saving Trust, modern condensation boilers and A ranking will use the third fuel than old boilers to provide the same heat. It can cut CO2 emissions by one-third and knock up to £ 250 annual energy bills for most houses compared to traditional boilers.

Find a solution for your old boiler.

You should note that when buying a new boiler might look like the best choice. It is not always the most practical. Many people cannot spend much money in one way, even if their boilers are older than they want. In this case, getting a cover for old boilers is a valuable investment and can offer the same peace of mind as the amount of money that is much smaller.

Choosing a company like that offers a flexible pricing plan and has a positive customer review can make your payment for a proper boiler cover.


Approaching the boiler cover for an old boiler can be confusing. Some companies offer a boiler cover at premium prices, and some do not offer it at all. We serve and improve the boiler’s age; you don’t need to pay extra for spare parts and labour.

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