How Can I Make My Boiler Look Nice?

What are the things you believe that individuals should see most when they first check out your home? The period highlights. Amazing stone chimney. Unique wooden deck. It likely isn’t your boiler.

Although many current boilers are much more modest and sleeker than the older ones, you’d likely favor it to be carefully made to look nice and placed.

If you are tired of taking a gander at an unattractive boiler and concluded the time has come to get another boiler introduced in a more charming spot, then, at that point, this guide is for you. We will look at a few smart and innovative thoughts for making it look nicer from view. That, yet we will likewise take a gander at the best spots in your home to introduce another boiler if you are considering supplanting your old one.

Ideas for making boiler look nice

A review directed in 2018 by energy provider Npower uncovered that having a boiler in plain view will probably put possible purchasers off purchasing a house and that the more significant part of those overviewed would attempt to knock £5,000 off the asking cost. Spending a negligible portion of that sum on covering your boiler will help you over the long haul, assuming you come to sell your property.

What to consider before you start

Before we bounce straight in, there are several things you want to think about regarding covering your boiler. If you want to make your boiler look nice, you should ensure you follow the security guidelines.

A boiler should be open consistently for upkeep and overhauling. It can’t be impeded or blocked and assuming that set in a pantry. It should have an entryway that you can open.

It additionally needs adequate ventilation. Every producer and demonstrate will have various rules, so it is significant you look at the client manual to see what applies. It will let you know what size of the hole you want between the boiler top, base, and sides and the space it is housed in. Likewise, the region should not be fixed as the boiler expects air to the course.

Now that we’ve covered the well-being viewpoint, how about we remove our reasonable cap and take a gander at a few tomfoolery and innovative choices to protect your boiler? You can trust for better boiler protection.

Make a utility cupboard.

Suppose your boiler is situated in the foyer. Why not conceal it in a utility pantry that can likewise bend over as a helpful spot to store shoes, coats, packs, and domestic devices?

Plan it for anything reason you want. Make one central space for capacity or fit bunches of individual racks. The excellence of the last option is that you can keep up with admittance to each of the boiler pieces that should be available to you; however, make the boiler look nice in every one of the lines with other racks and compartments.

Airing cupboard

A broadcasting cabinet generally houses a heated water chamber for framework and ordinary boilers. The cabinet is kept warm from the intensity produced by the section, so you’ll frequently find broadcasting pantries have a lot of racks for drying moist sheet material, towels, and clothing.

Suppose you are supplanting a framework or traditional boiler with a combi boiler. In that case, a broadcasting pantry is an excellent spot to put it as you will stow it away from view.

You ought to talk with a Gas Safe designer about whether it is a protected spot for it to be found. A combi boiler should vent gases through the pipe and be associated with an outer wall.

Make a sliding partition.

This one could take somewhat seriously arranging and cost yet could give a rich answer for your concern. If you don’t have a different utility room – yet have adequate space in your kitchen – you could enclose your boiler and other homegrown apparatuses, for example, your clothes washer and tumble dryer, with a sliding parcel. Whenever you don’t have to utilize them, slide the boundary across and make it look nice from view.


A curtain, however, is a more straightforward and more reasonable arrangement. Out of the picture and therefore irrelevant. It would help if you even utilized no long-lasting fittings on the off chance of using an adaptive drape shaft.

Construct a bookcase

Your cabinet can be as straightforward or as rich as you like. Gather it yourself or recruit a woodworker to construct a customized unit that flawlessly fits the space. Construct the bookshelf around the boiler, or make your main mystery board. House the boiler in a pantry; however, fix shelves to the front of the board – it will closely resemble part of your library!


Why not just make it look nice with your boiler on display? If you don’t have adequate room to introduce a pantry, then, at that point, you could take a stab at painting your boiler. Paint it a similar variety as your wall to mix in with the remainder of the room, or make a cunning plan, so it seems to be a wooden board or block facade.

One exciting point before you get everything rolling is the sort of paint you want to utilize. Since the boiler gets hot, you should use a color that can endure intensity and dampness. Polish paint will be ideally suited for this and can be bought from a developer’s vendor or DIY store.

Powder covering is another choice and will make an expert look – be that as it may, it’s ideal to have this done before the boiler is introduced.


As mentioned above, all are ideas about how I can make my boiler look nice. Over time, boilers become rusty, which starts to look unpleasant and can ruin the entire site of a kitchen.

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