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Why is Boiler Cover Important?

Boilers are unsung heroes from modern homes, and we often fail to appreciate their impact on our daily lives. However, it will soon change if you experience a big boiler problem. When the situation occurs, boiler coverage can be the key to restoring normality in the time as fast as possible. It is everything you need to know about boiler coverage, starting with choosing the best service.

Boiler Cover

Boiler cover is an insurance package that will pay service fees and repairs when the boiler faces problems. It will include labor costs and every new part needed. The boiler coverage package is usually broken down into two categories. First, there is only a boiler package and a complete system package. Nevertheless, some providers can also include drain and external channels.

Boiler cover

What are the benefits of having a boiler cover?

There are two main benefits to having a Breakdown Boiler cover plan.

  • Paying a monthly/quarterly fee is a better way.
  • That means you don’t need to find hundreds of pounds suddenly.
  • It can quickly increase when you have an expensive repair job.
  • Second, the plan provider will connect you with the best pipe experts.
  • It saves you from the complexity and fear of making bad choices.
  • It is a decent investment for peace and long-term financial rewards.

Why do we need a boiler cover?

As winter approaches, is there an essential purchase for your home you have to make? New carpet or maybe a new TV for Christmas? While both are undoubtedly worth having, what happens if your central gas heater stops working due to damage to boilers? Are you ready to be cold and miserable in the frozen winter months?

Do you have an emergency fund for emergency boilers or even more expensive bills for new boilers? If the answer is not, it might issue a boiler cover that should be your priority this winter. The boiler cover is a necessary household purchase.

Boiler cover


Why You Should Get a Boiler Cover for Your Gas Boiler

The boiler cover protects you from the risk of your gas boiler being damaged. We all use more central gas warming in the cooler months this year, which is the time for your boiler to most likely be damaged. If you don’t have an annual boiler service, your boiler collapses may increase.

Boiler cover is usually included:

  • Gas boiler protection
  • Boiler control
  • Chimney
  • Annual Boiler Service

Boiler age is an important consideration when assessing the risk of damage. Many boiler cover providers insist that they do boiler services before the boiler is received for boiler insurance. The age limit varies according to companies that provide boiler cover and are advised to compare the boiler cover. Many best boiler cover packages offer discounts on new boilers if your existing boilers cannot be fixed. Cheap boilers still have to cover the main components listed above but usually will not include annual boiler service fees.


Annual boiler service fees vary depending on the time of the year and the company’s size. Ad hoc boiler services may be worth £65 – £85. Most boiler manufacturers insist on annual boilers for valid factory guarantees. It is usually an inevitable cost you must consider when comparing the boiler cover.


Covering a cheaper boiler may not be as effective as the cost first appeared. The average call-out cost for the excess of the kettle cover is £60, on average. The reduction of boiler cover costs is only more than double the cost of an average exit or excess.



Before starting any policy, you must read the TOC (terms and conditions) carefully. We explore T&C for closing policies and find examples where they state that the company will not tell you or return you if you pay to cover.Other policies do not mention the possibility of overlapping cover. You can be charged twice to cover the same part or boiler problem. Make sure you know what policies you buy, so you don’t pay for something to be borne twice.


Boiler cover

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