Boiler Covers in the UK: Comparing Leading Suppliers


Boiler protection is an important insurance coverage for homes in the UK. It gives security against unexpected boiler failures, malfunctions, and other difficulties that might leave you without warmth and hot water. With various companies offering boiler cover services, it can be challenging to decide which one to choose. In this post, we will explore what boiler insurance normally entails and compare the main providers in the UK, such as British Gas, HomeServe, EDF, and Madsan UK.

What does boiler cover include?

Boiler cover generally contains the following elements:

Boiler repair:

If your boiler breaks down or develops a defect, your boiler insurance policy will pay for the cost of repairs. This covers labour and replacement components, ensuring your boiler is up and running as quickly as feasible.

Yearly boiler service:

Most boiler insurance plans include an annual service to ensure the efficiency and safety of your boiler. During this service, an expert will examine your boiler, clean it, and check for any difficulties or possible problems.

24/7 client support:

Boiler insurance companies often provide round-the-clock customer service, so you can report any concerns or seek help at any time.

Emergency call-outs:

Most plans include a specific number of emergency call-outs per year, which means that if your boiler breaks down, a competent expert will be sent out to your house as quickly as possible.

Compare the best boiler cover suppliers in the UK


British Gas:

British Gas is one of the most well-known suppliers of boiler insurance in the UK. They provide a number of protection choices, from simple boiler-only cover to complete home care plans that include central heating, plumbing, drainage, and electrics. British Gas is noted for their excellent service and rapid response times, with many customers applauding their network of expert engineers.


HomeServe is another popular alternative for boiler protection in the UK. They give numerous insurance alternatives, from conventional boiler protection to more elaborate plans that encompass central heating systems, plumbing, and electrics. HomeServe has a high customer satisfaction rating and is recognised for its trustworthy 24/7 customer assistance and speedy repair services.


EDF is not just an energy supplier but also provides boiler protection services. They give a variety of alternatives, from simple boiler insurance to full home protection plans. EDF’s boiler protection covers an annual boiler service and unlimited call-outs, ensuring your boiler stays in excellent working condition. Moreover, EDF has a reputation for its affordable price and dedication to clean energy.

Madsan UK:

Madsan UK is a lesser-known supplier of boiler protection but has built a devoted client base owing to its reasonable costs and great service. They provide a range of protection choices, including boiler-only, boiler plus central heating, and total house cover. Madsan UK is noted for its courteous and professional service, with numerous customers noting their rapid response times and educated experts.




Boiler insurance is an important investment for households in the UK, offering peace of mind and protection against the expense of unexpected boiler repairs. When picking a boiler protection provider, it’s crucial to evaluate variables such as the quality of cover supplied, cost, and client reviews. British Gas, HomeServe, EDF, and Madsan UK all have their individual benefits, so take the time to investigate and compare their offers to discover the greatest match for your requirements.

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