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Is It Okay To Box In A Boiler?

Boilers are not lovely to check out on par with what they are at warming our homes. Thus is it okay to box in a boiler? While focal warming became well known during the 1900s, boilers all over the nation were added to structures that were never intended to house them.

You got these implied new boilers into any place they could be much of the time in kitchens, washrooms, or even rooms. Seeing numerous more seasoned properties with boilers out on noticeable showcase in rooms is normal. When we bought our 1930s semi-disconnected in Manchester in 2019, the boiler cabinet was toward the side of the kitchen.

It was enormous, unattractive, and overwhelmed the space. The help cover was free, and a past proprietor had endeavoured to clean it somewhat by placing a seal before the lines that emerge from the top and lower part of the kettle. I realized this must be concealed as I could not stand checking it out!

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Might you, at any point, box in a boiler?

You unquestionably can. We had momentarily thought of moving the boiler area, yet we would have instead not paid the expense of supplanting a heater and had restricted areas to move it to. We had chosen to move our kitchen to another room and reuse the current kitchen as a utility room.

Thus we were happy to keep the heater in there. So I began to investigate a DIY approach. There are two or three well-being considerations, for example, the space around the evaporator for ventilation. You should have the option to get to your heater effectively and for any fixes.

As per Hunsbury Heating(opens in new tab), a ‘hole of 300 mm ought to be kept up with between the highest point of the pantry and the highest point of the boiler.’ And, ‘you should keep up a hole of 100 mm between the bureau and the foundation of the heater.’

How do you box in a boiler?

Most current boilers are presently estimated so they can fit inside the width of a standard kitchen pantry. Thus I chose to accommodate our own inside a DIY kitchen cupboard. I utilized an IKEA Metod cabinet(opens in new tab) as the remainder of the utility room was fabricated using their kitchen cupboard framework, and they are and reasonable and quality choice.

The other incredible choice was that you can, without much of a stretch, introduce any of the numerous pantry door choices at IKEA that are not difficult to train. The pipework at the top and lower part of the evaporator is remarkably unmistakable. A portion of the brickwork was uncovered, so I went with the tall cabinet to cover everything.

To confine a boiler yourself, you will require:

A kitchen cupboard new/utilized – we involved Ikea Metod Cabinet(opens in new tab)

For a bureau entryway, we applied Ikea Veddinge Door(opens in new tab)

Entryway Hinges – we utilized Ikea pivots also(opens in new tab)

Entryway handles of decision – we picked B&Q Door Handle(opens in new tab)

Development Timber and Fixings


1. Measure up your space

Remember to consider any pipework as you might need to conceal this likewise, and recall that you need to ensure adequate space for upkeep and ventilation.

I utilized the 60x37x200cm base bureau, somewhat less profound than a typical cabinet yet sufficient space to house the evaporator. The bureau was excessively tall for what I wanted, so I needed to pare it down. IKEA has a variety of bureau sizes to browse, so ideally, you can get one of the correct sizes.

If you are slicing the bureau to fit, I suggest making it the size of one of their standard entryways; it makes it much simpler to fit the entryway as the pivots will coordinate with the bureau impeccably. I wanted 135cm level to cover the heater, so I cut the bureau 140cm, which permitted me to utilize an Ikea standard 140x60cm entryway.

2. Pare your cabinets down

To guarantee neatness without chipping the facade, I prescribe applying covering tape to the segment you want to cut. Cutting the bureau will leave you with a crude edge, so ensure it is in a spot you can’t see over the heater. I cut utilizing a jigsaw and guaranteed it was square by clipping a straight piece of wood to the bureau to direct my jigsaw.

You can do this with a wood saw or roundabout considered well. Ikea has obvious directions for assembling and introducing your cupboards, which are not difficult to follow. If you are adjusting your bureau like ours, consider how you will balance your bureau to the wall.

For us, it was somewhat simpler as there was a great deal of pipework under the kettle, and it was more straightforward to introduce the new bureau on top of the worktop set up for specific sections.

I tied it to the wall behind the cupboards by connecting a development wood to the wall and screwing the bureau into the development lumber. The accommodation of utilizing the development wood is that it may be introduced ahead of time and implied.

3. Connect the door

When you set up the bureau, I connected the IKEA Veddinge Door(which opens in a new tab) in white. The entryways are pretty simple to introduce as Ikea has a pivoting framework that guarantees the entrances are hung accurately.

The best thing I love about this cabinet is that there was sufficient distance underneath the boiler for us to conceal our microwave. I at long last added a little metal handle to match the rest in the utility room. Also, we love the outcomes!


Answer to the question “Is it okay to box in a boiler?” Yes, by boxing in, it even looks more beautiful and can add elegance to the look of the entire kitchen.

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