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Do I Need Maintenance Cover For A New Boiler?

==When you buy a new boiler, you make the most important investment. In addition to the cost of buying and installing the boiler itself, other factors need to be considered, such as operational costs to heat your home, which boiler financial packages are suitable for you, and whether you should take the extended guarantee or not. You might also find yourself asking if you should take a boiler maintenance cover. If you feel confused with the option, keep reading to learn the facts. What is the difference between boiler maintenance plans, boiler service plans, and guarantees?

Do you need a Maintenance Cover for a new Boiler?

All new boilers will come with a guarantee, mainly for three years. If your boiler is installed by a recognized installer, such as the madsan.co.uk accreditation installer, you will have an option to buy an extended warranty. It is usually up to seven years for oil boilers and can be for ten years for gas boilers.


Guarantee boilers include spare parts and labour costs if the component fails in the warranty period. You do not need to pay for any improvement resulting from component failure.


What is a boiler cover plan?

The boiler maintenance plan is not needed if your boiler is in the guarantee period. This insurance policy can give you peace of mind if you have an older boiler. You don’t need a boiler treatment plan if your boiler is in a warranty, so you should not feel under pressure to buy one for a new boiler.


What is a boiler cover service package?

Boiler service packages include the annual boiler service fee and your safety check. It is not the same as the boiler treatment plan. It is essential to understand that so your guarantee remains valid, you must have a kettle served by an engineer approved by the manufacturer every twelve months.


The boiler service package allows you to pay in advance at a fixed fee or distribute fees to a monthly direct debit that can be managed and work cheaper than just paying your services once when finished. Investing in a new boiler cover package is recommended when buying a new boiler.


A trusted engineer such as madsan.co.uk will never encourage you to take an unnecessary cover for your boiler. If you are unsure what is best for you, don’t hesitate to ask, and we will be happy to offer honest advice for your boiler cover.


What is the price of the boiler service package?

Our boiler service packages start from a bit of £ 5.50 monthly or £ 66.00 per year for gas boilers and £ 7.50 monthly or £ 90.00 per year for oil. This low-cost cover plan ensures that you never forget your annual boiler services and are designed to meet the factory warranty requirements if it applies. They work with your warranty to give you the best value.


If you install a new boiler but will use the existing central heating system, you might want to consider the heating treatment plan. It includes your annual boiler service and all your heating system and control disorders. Our heating maintenance plans are worth £ 10.00 every month or £ 120.00 per year for gas and £ 12.50 monthly or £ 150.00 per year for oil systems.


How often do you have to serve your boiler?

You should always check when you buy, but you should do your first boiler service every 12 months after installation to meet your warranty requirements. Then must be served every 12 months on an ongoing basis.


Your boiler needs regular servicing to ensure no new problems, such as gas leaks, arise. Every household must have a carbon monoxide alarm to solve this problem quickly. However, without alarm, carbon monoxide is barely detected. It is one of the main reasons an qualified engineer must regularly serve your boiler.


Boiler maintenance cover vs. warranty cover – What’s the difference?

Producers offer a warranty to protect consumers in the event of a partial boiler failure. The guarantee is limited to the specified period. They come with conditions such as reasonable use, wear, and serving boilers to make valid warranties.


On the other hand, boiler maintenance cover its the cost of protecting the boiler and its components from damage. That does not include manufacturing defects. Therefore, both insurance and warranty serve different goals. Both are needed for the same reason.


Final safety examination

The engineer will restart your boiler to check the functioning mistakes, such as cute sounds or the wrong display screen. They can also check that your carbon monoxide alarm works properly.


Ask the engineer to complete the documents needed if they haven’t done it. Your boiler must have a complete service history, and engineers must complete this to ensure your boiler warranty remains in its place. It can also be the right time to ask questions to the engineers that you might have. Madsan.co.uk will tell you how you can make your heating system more efficient and install other technology, such as a smart thermostat.

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