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Do I need landlord cover?

What is landlord emergency cover?


If your rental property needs emergency repairs, a call-out could cost you more than you think – let alone the headache. Landlord emergency cover is designed to protect your property, your tenants and your wallet should an unexpected event occur that causes unpredictable damage or makes your property unsafe for your tenants. It is usually an additional cover that sits alongside your buildings insurance, liability insurance and if your property is furnished, contents insurance.

What does landlord emergency cover include?


It does vary between cover providers but typically you’ll be covered for situations such as:

  • plumbing and heating problems (aside from normal wear and tear), burst pipes and boiler breakdowns

  • – water mains or electricity supply failure

  • – roof damage that causes a sudden leak

  • – blocked drains and sewer problems

  • – sudden pest infestation

    Landlords may also have the option to include the following:

  • – annual boiler service
  • – HMO cover
  • – gas safety certificates

Madsan, for example, offers customizable plans so you can select exactly what level of cover you need.

Do I need landlord emergency cover?

Unfortunately, the things our tenants rely on the most in their homes can fail without warning. If the boiler breaks down or there’s a sudden leak, it’s not only distressing for your tenants but can also be very dangerous.

Repairs should be sorted as soon as possible to prevent further damage, reduce the impact on your tenants and make your property safe again. But arranging repairs can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. That’s where emergency landlord cover comes in.

It offers 24-hour assistance, 365 days giving you peace of mind that the issue will be sorted even if you’re not there to handle it yourself.

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