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7 Tips to Create a Safe Home This Winter

7 Tips to Create a Safe Home This Winter

    As days get shorter and colder, homeowners are taking measures to prepare for the upcoming winter. Preparing your home takes a little effort, but many of these measures can help protect your home from extreme weather, keeping you safe and warm all winter. Here are seven ways to keep your home safe.


  1. Keep Your Walkways and Driveways Clear

    – Stock up on winter tools like snow shovels or a snowblower and rock salt. To prevent injuries, keep your sidewalk clear of ice and snow by shovelling as needed. Rock salt can prevent your frequently travelled areas from building up any ice. 


  1. Inspect Your Roof 

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    – Check your roof for any damaged, loose, or missing shingles before winter hits. Ensure seals are secure around chimneys and vents. Regularly remove debris and snow from your roof to prevent mould and rot from growing. Be sure to clear your gutters to avoid water and ice from building up that could force their way into your home.


  1. Build an Emergency Kit 

    – Prepare a winter disaster kit in the event of an emergency that could prevent you from leaving your home or taking out your power. You’ll want to stock up on flashlights, batteries, water, matches or lighters, warm blankets, dry foods, and any other essentials your family may need. In addition, prepare a kit for your car and your home. 


  1. Winterize Your Pipes 

    – Cold weather can freeze pipes causing them to burst. Take precautions to prevent costly repairs and replacements in your home. Disconnect all garden hoses from any spigots and drain any sprinkler systems. Cover your outdoor spigots, seal any cracks, and use foam, heating cables, or pipe sleeves if your house is in a place with extreme temperature drops. Ensure you let cold water drip from your faucet in extremely frigid temperatures. The constant movement of water through the pipes helps prevent it from freezing during winter season.


  1. Prevent Icicles

    Madsan Blog | Winter IciclesIcicles can be dangerous and present an increased risk of injury if they form along your roofline. Remove icicles safely using proper tools and safety gear, or hire a professional. 


  1. Perform Routine Furnace or Heating Maintenance 

    – Before you begin to heat your home in the colder months, bring in a professional to inspect your furnace to ensure it is in the best condition and prevent failure during some of the coldest months of the year. If you have wall heaters, ensure they are clean and debris-free to prevent potential fire hazards. 


  1. Check Windows, Walls, and Doors 

    – If leaks or drafts come in through cracks in seals or holes in the frames, it can prevent your home from adequately heating during winter. In addition, it can raise your bill and cause your heater to work overtime to keep you and your family warm. Repair any areas where you may feel a draft and have some extra materials for quick repairs on hand. 


Caring for your home means getting your home winter ready. So, taking a few hours to prepare your home by following these maintenance and safety tips can help keep you safe throughout the cold winter months. 


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