How old is my boiler?

Boilers older than 10 years old are likely to be inefficient meaning you may be paying more than you need to heat your home. Do not think twice, your family’s comfort is really important, now is the perfect time to replace it. Even if it isn’t, it is always good to know when your boiler was installed.

Find out your boiler’s serial number

The easiest way to find out the age is to look for its serial number. A serial number is a long sequence of numbers & letters that are unique for that boiler. The number can be found in a few different places such as a drop-down front panel, the side or underneath the boiler. If you have the installation manual then it will likely be in there.

How old is my Vaillant boiler?

A sticker is usually found either on the boiler itself or inside the front panel. When you find the serial number, go to the 3rd and 4th number of the serial code, and this will be the year when was manufactured. E.g. if the 3rd digit is 0 and the 4th digit is 1, this means it was manufactured in 2001.

How old is my Vokera boiler?

Find your serial number on a silver data plate on the underside of the boiler. The serial number will contain sixteen digits and one letter. The first eight digits refer to the model whilst the letter, and the subsequent numbers, refer to the year, month and day it was manufactured. Note, that the serial number will never start with the number sequence 235. This number is the boiler’s barcode, not the serial number.


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